The 5 Must Read Comics

Have you ever read Comic books? well if you have not done so yet then do so, as reading a comic book will take you to a different world altogether. There are a lot of comic books available in the market and as a reader sometimes you become confused with so many choices available at your disposal. Even if you have never read a comic book before, you may have watched some movies made on some of the super hit comic characters like superman and Spiderman etc. watching these movies may have given you a fair idea about these characters. Hence in this article we will not discuss with you the traditional comic books rather we will discuss something different with you.

Must Read Comics:

 All comic books are a must read if you ask us, however since you are a beginner we are listing some of the comic books which you must get started with. All of these below mentioned comic books have something unique to offer and you will surely enjoy this world of fantasy. The list is discussed in the points below

  • Marvel: The comic revolves around the story of a Pakistani teenage girl by the name of Kamala Khan. As is the case with Marvel stories, Kamala wakes up one morning with extraordinary super powers. The powers change her size as well as the shape. Kamala develops these powers due to a strange mist which she inhales while having a walk one night. Getting excited with her powers, Kamala develops a suit for herself and becomes a super hero.
  • rmk1648slgThor: Thor is basically a God who comes on to the planet earth. The main power of Thor lies in his Hammer. However in the new Thor series, the basic innovation is the introduction of a lead character which is female.
  • Darth Vader: Darth Vader is a popular character of Stars Wars and he is actually the dark lord of Sith. The story line of the book revolves around Darth Vader trying to stabilize the political situation which came into existence after his defeat by the rebel alliance.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: The comic is worth reading and revolves around the story of Doreen Green who is a student in college. She has the strange power to talk with squirrels. Previously she has been depicted as part of avengers as well. However this series revolves only around her.
  • Miracleman: The story revolves around a photographer whose name is Mick Moran. The comic is worth reading and it becomes exciting when Moran discovers that he is actually Miracleman.

These were some of the comic books which are worth reading. The best part of reading a comic book is that they are very light and you do not get stressed out or tensed when reading them as is the case with suspense or emotional novels.

We hope that the article will serve as a beginner guide for you.



Hi, either you have a fun loving nature or you lack that, but you definitely love reading comics, watching comics or any other means of enjoying comics. Comic book however, is generally a sequence of juxtaposted panels that contain a single scene in them and these are present in specific panels. As of now, the comics are more enjoyed in their specific series format for example it might be the series by Marvel or even DC; they produce images ad poster that have comics in them.

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