Debuting in bookstores across the world this week is the coveted third volume of the FLIGHT anthology.

It's not enough to just get a group of talented people together and start making stories, to be successful several factors have to be taken into consideration but one of the most important is that those involved, click. They need to mesh, they need to compliment one another. There's a reason FLIGHT was picked up by Ballantine, the people involved don't just compliment one another, they inspire each other. They work together, learn from each other, help one another and they express that allegiance in their stories, creativity and craftsmanship.

Read Kazu's "The Iron Gate" and Azad's "Polaris" and see how these creators will stir and astonish you. Read Tony Cliff's "Old Oak Trees", a story that not only serves as a fitting tribute to his grandmother but served to inspire the other contributors in their work as well. Check out Reagan Lodge's "Tea", a story created entirely in Photoshop that will have you going back and forth swearing that he must have used inks and watercolours. See Becky Cloonan channel an artistic ferocity for her story "Conquest". Get immersed in the active pace of Phil Craven's "The Rescue". Let Rodolphe Guenoden surprise you with "Message In A Bottle". Awe in delight at Matthew Armstrong's "Snow Cap". Watch as Dave Roman uses rabbits and talking stars as a subversive allegory in "The Great Bunny Migration".

It doesn't end there, not by a long shot, with over two dozen contributors within 352 pages, picking up FLIGHT 3 is a no-brainer. Each and every creator put their heart into this book that is well worth your time and money, but if you're not yet convinced we've got a lot of interviews and preview pages to try and convince you.

We sat down with a number of contributors to talk about their involvement in FLIGHT, what lies ahead for each of them and more.

Participating in this round table are 11 of the contributors to FLIGHT Volume 3, including Kazu Kibuishi, Kean Soo, Neil Babra, Michel Gagné, Nicolas 'Bannister' Seigneret, Tony Cliff, Joey Weiser, Ben Hatke, Reagan Lodge, Dave Roman and Azad Injejikian.

Click the following links for the Roundtable interview as well as one on one's with the individual artists, which will be updated throughout the week and feature tons of preview pages from FLIGHT volume 3.


Jonathan Ellis
Co-Editor in Chief -

Flight Roundtable
Interview - Kazu & Kean - Interview - Michel & Tony
Interview - Azad & Reagan - Interview – Dave & Joey
Interview - Neil & Bannister & Ben