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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

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FLIGHT Vol.2: Hulabaloo
Interview Conducted by Jonathan Ellis

FLIGHT Volume 2
By Various
Image Comics
Full Colour - $ 24.95 U.S.
Over 400 Pages
Order code: JAN051598
ISBN: 1582404771
Release Date March 23rd

FLIGHT Volume One made its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2004 to widespread acclaim, and along with Jeff Smith's Bone: One Volume Edition, became the highest-selling book at the convention. Most of the contributors to Flight met each other through the Internet. Many made their reputations through their online work. And for most readers, Flight was their first printed encounter with these talented young cartoonists.

What began as a side project amongst a small circle of friends has grown into a continuing series of books, providing some of today's best storytellers with a forum to have their voices heard. This spring, the FLIGHT crew will introduce the second instalment of this much-anticipated anthology. In the second volume, the original crew is joined by even more top talent from the animation and comics industries to celebrate the graphic narrative medium. With such a high quality and successful presentation, new artists are flocking to the anthology in hopes of being involved in a future volume.

With the second volume set to debut in stores this March as what may be the most highly regarded collection of artists to come out this year and promises to offer more bang for your buck then any anthology in recent memory, we sat down with a number of contributors to talk about their involvement in FLIGHT, what lies ahead for each of them and more.

Participating in this round table is editor/contributor Kazu Kibuishi, Hope Larson, Kean Soo, Doug Holgate, Amy Kim Ganter, Ryan Sias, Becky Cloonan, Richard Pose, Johane Matte, Jake Parker and Nicolas 'Bannister' Seigneret.

Click the following links for the Roundtable interview as well as one on one's with the individual artists and tons of previews pages from FLIGHT volume 2.


Jonathan Ellis
Co-Editor in Chief -

Flight Roundtable
Kazu & Jake - Hope, Kean & Bannister
Amy, Becky & Johane - Doug, Ryan & Richard


Jonathan Ellis is Co-Editor in Chief of PopImage

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