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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

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Interview conducted by Jonathan Ellis

Interview - Part 1
Interview - Part 2
Interview - Part 3
Interview - Part 4
Interview - Part 5

I’ll admit it, Joe Casey didn’t always stand out to me.

When Joe was writing Deathlok and had him fighting a clown, ehn, wasn’t really for me. Then when Joe was writing The Incredible Hulk and had him going up against… the same clown… just wasn’t feeling it. It was towards the end of the Mr. Majestic series and the beginning of the excellent Wildcats Serial Boxes storyline that his true potential really seemed to shine through to me. They were the type of stories that grab you, make you realize just how damn good they are then entice you for more. Around that time I’d been chatting with Joe on and off, mainly in relation to his work with Charlie Adlard [Remember the DOOM: YEAR ONE pitch?], then we starting chatting with Joe directly. His work at the time was far surpassing what had come before, sure lots of people loved his run on Cable and his X-Men:Children Of The Atom mini-series was well received but it was his more mature works that allowed us to see his ability to stretch the medium and genre conventions for all they were worth. Here was someone with something to say, about the world, human interaction, About comics Through comics, most importantly, here was someone breaking through the clichés of what superhero comics had been to what they could be.

Art by Hope Larson and Bryan O' Malley. Click For Larger ImageWildcats continued to growing acclaim, the excellent Automatic Kafka headlined the Eye Of The Storm imprint for Wildstorm Comics and his talent was recognized on wide as he was given the keys to the reigns of the Superman and X-Men franchises. Resulting in mixed feelings for some, completely new experiences for others and what has been acknowledged as one of the best Superman stories in years.

Through it all, and when you read this interview you’ll notice, Joe not only stood out for the quality of his work but his downright love of the medium. I’ve been doing this for quite some years now and I’ve seen the cynicism, I’ve seen the bile, I’ve seen a wide range of the bad but Joe’s love for the medium and the way he expresses it through his work shows the good that still lives within these four colour fantasies we entertain ourselves with.

Joe speaks frankly, writes good books and plays guitar… of course we’re going to interview him. Having writers like Joe and the others like him help make this whole industry worthwhile.

I read Joe Casey comics because they’re bloody good.

Try out some for yourself, read on to learn about three new series hitting stands this November and December: The Intimates with Jim Lee and Giuseppe Camuncoli from Wildstorm, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with Scott Kolins from Marvel and Infantry with Clement Sauve from Aftermath comics of Devils Due press.


Jonathan Ellis
Co-Editor in Chief –

Joe Casey Illustration by Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O' Malley.

Interview - Part 1
Interview - Part 2
Interview - Part 3
Interview - Part 4
Interview - Part 5


Jonathan Ellis is Co-Editor in Chief of PopImage

Hope Larson is the up and coming superstar of the Alternative Press who's been gaining the praise of such talents as Michelle Tea, Lea Hernandez and Scott McCloud. You may have seen her work in the recent Flight Comics anthology. For More be sure to visit her site at Hope

Bryan Lee O'Malley is the creator of the evocative Oni Press graphic novel LOST AT SEA as well as the awesomely sweet new graphic novel series SCOTT PILGRIM. Bryan is also an incredibly talented musician, so talented in fact you'd be proud to have his CD in your collection. I am. For more be sure to check out Mal's site

Be sure to keep an eye out for Hope & Mal, comics latest and most adorable power couple.

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