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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

An anthology Dedicated To Love and Love Stuff

Project: Romantic
By Various
Published by AdHouse Books
2C wrap-around cover by Maris Wicks
256 4C pages
6" x 9" perfect bound
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 0-9770304-2-3
Shipping fall of 2006
Diamond order #: AUG06 2903

The PROJECT series is a trilogy of anthologies featuring a wide array of talented artists tackling different subjects with each volume. The subjects being reflective of AdHouse Books publisher, Chris Pitzer's interests as he grew into adulthood. First beginning with PROJECT: TELSTAR which featured stories of a sci-fi nature inspired by a young mans fascination with robots and space, the second being PROJECT: SUPERIOR reflecting Chris' interest in the world of superheroism and finally, the forthcoming PROJECT: ROMANTIC inspired by Chris' growth into manhood as his life and mind turned towards affairs of the heart.

Including work from new-comers and seasoned pros, Romantic is a cornucopia of technique, philosophy and love. A partial list of contributors include: Big Time Attic, Randall Christopher, Joshua Cotter, Nick Craine, Brian Flynn, Doug Fraser, Jose Garibaldi, Debbie Huey, Damien Jay, Hope Larson, Mike Laughead, Adam McGovern/Paolo Leandri, Junko Mizuno, Scott Morse, Roger Peterson, Chris Pitzer, Joel Priddy, Paul Rivoche, Jim Rugg, Alberto Ruiz, Maris Wicks and many MORE!

Also available in a limited hardcover!
Limited (500) numbered edition hardcover
4C wrap-around cover by Jim Rugg
256 4C pages
6" x 9" case bound
$60 US funds
Shipping fall of 2006
Diamond order #: AUG06 2904

As the anticipation for the books release builds [and as sexual as that sounds, this IS about Romance] AdHouse Books has been releasing various complete stories from the anthology, such as Hope Larson's WHEN I WAS A SLUT featured in the Independent Propaganda blog, Mike Laughead's SCARY THOUGHTS, Doug Fraser's ROMANCE at Publishers Weekly, Big Time Attic's I LOVE YOU WITH MY FORD at The Comics Reporter, Josh Cotter's KINGDOM ANIMALIA, ILLUSTRATED at the Brokern Frontier and Roger Peterson's HELLO, EDDIE at Newsarama.

We proudly present for you Jose Garibaldi's contribution: IMITATING LIFE.

Jose G. is a graphic designer by day and cartoonist/illustrator/live art performer by night. You may recognize his name from Paul Dini's JINGLE BELLE series.

We asked Jose to say a few words about his contribution:

"What inspired the story was the dissolution and break-up of my six year relationship, and how I still cared for this woman long after. It was a reflection of what I went through during the early idyllic times and the later troubles. It's probably the most personal story I've ever written, yet many events, etc. were altered. The theme of Project: Romantic fit exactly what I was feeling at the time Chris asked me to contribute.

The couple at the beginning of the story live a mundane life, and the guy tells a story that relates to how he sees his own relationship heading.

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Jose's upcoming projects include a mini comic called Deeds, some pages with Mad magazine, and continued work on his graphic novel, Teen Heaven. For more on Jose be sure to visit his website, Little Brown

For more on Chris Pitzer, The PROJECT series and lots more great books, be sure to check out AdHouse


AdHouse Books is also the publisher of PULPHOPE: THE ART OF PAUL POPE, PROCESS RECESS: THE ART OF JAMES JEAN, BUMBERBOY by Debbie Huey, SALAMANDER DREAM by Hope Larson, and much more!

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