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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

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INTERVIEW: Douglas Rushkoff - Breaking Through
Interview conducted by Jonathan Ellis

I am very proud to bring to our readers the following interview with Douglas Rushkoff, a visionary creative thinker best known for his examinations of and role in, media. He is the author of a number of books examining media, pop culture and how we reflect and operate within them including Media Virus, Cyberia, Playing The Future, The GenX Reader and Coercion: Why We Listen To What ‘They’ Say, as well as the novels; Ecstasy Club and Exit Strategy. More recently, he is known for the very well received Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism.

He is a consistent voice in the world of radio, television and journalism as he regularly appears in Time Magazine and his column on cyberculture is distributed monthly by the New York Times Syndicate. He’s appeared on television shows such as Frontline, Larry King, and MediaTelevision, and can often be heard on NPR’s All Things Considered.

He was the voice of and producer for the award-wining Frontline documentary “The Merchants Of Cool”.

He is a professor, a musician, a media advisor and an all around exceptional voice on culture within and beyond the societal media-sphere. Which brings forth the question, why are we profiling Douglas here, on a site dedicated to the four colour worlds of sequential storytelling? Well long time readers may note that this is not the first time he has been mentioned on our site but for me personally it goes back several years to a spot of commentary on an episode of MediaTelevision wherein Douglas was discussing his recent works and pointing out how different trends in fiction and sci-fi were actually reflections of what had happened in the real world. It was on that program that Douglas said something that has stuck with me since; “…the internet, videogames and comic books are preparing our children for a vastly transformed future.”

It was that television spot that first inspired me to get in contact with Douglas and now, years later, The Disinformation Company is ready to release their, and his, first graphic novel; Club Zero-G.

Originally serialized in BPM Magazine, Club Zero-G is about an interdimensional dance club that kids go to while they're asleep. The story follows Zeke, a gangly, unpopular, 19-year-old college student- a townie who also happens to attend the elite college in his community- who has discovered this terrific new club experienced through a shared dream consciousness where he is accepted and popular. But it only exists in the dreams of its participants. If at all.

Zeke's friends think he is simply going crazy. His girlfriend in the club won't even acknowledge his existence in real life and as he descends further into the Club Zero-G reality, he learns that this shared dream space is more then just a party and soon gets involved in a battle that could very well overturn our entire perception of consensus reality. Featuring art by Steph Dumais, with colours by Anne Marie Horne and edited by Patrick Neighly of Mad Yak Press. Club Zero-G is a 144 page full-colour graphic novel and can be seen in the June Previews Catalogue or purcahsed direct from the Disinformation Store, linked below.

We spoke with Douglas Rushkoff about his foray into the world of comic art and now present this special two-part interview to you.

Jonathan Ellis
Co-Editor in Chief –

Interview - Part 1
Interview - Part 2

Jonathan Ellis is Co-Editor in Cheif of PopImage and would like to graciously thank Douglas Rushkoff for this interview as well as Patrick Neighly, Anne Sullivan and Gary Baddeley for their assistance.

Jonathan Ellis can be reached at

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