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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

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Published by Oni Press

Click for larger ImageSHARKNIFE, Volume 1
Written & Illustrated by Corey Lewis
136 pages - Black & White
$ 9.95 U.S.
ISBN 1-932664-17-3
Order Code JAN05 2893

"Ceasar Hallelujia is your typical busboy working at a typical restaurant. Typical, it seems, until a half-cuban/half-japanese gangster by the name of Ombra Ravenga pollutes the walls of said restaurant with the demon seeds of barbarous beasts! Now, when the monsters get too big for the walls to contain, Ceasar must radically transform into the monster-fighting hero SHARKNIFE to protect the restaurant, it's patrons, it's food, and most importantly, the cute cute Chieko Momuza!"

Sharknife is a hi-energy action fight comic featuring monsters, gangsters, hipsters, ninjas, chases, battles, rocks & rolls. If you have a craving for some serious comic-style action mayhem, Sharknife is for you.

Sharknife himself is a robo-ninja magical being of justice, that's right, Justice!, who appears to protect and rawk the restaurant he works at, The Guangdong Factory.

Corey Sutherland Lewis (the REY) himself is the sassy awesome creator of Sharknife whose art has appeared on such books as Cannon Busters, Dark Stalkers and Street Fighter. Corey stopped by, awesomely, to share with us some featured pieces of rad-rocking artwork from the forthcoming Sharknife Graphic Novel, which you can pre-order from Diamond Distributors with the Order Code JAN05 2893.

The following are pages selected by The Rey himself along with commentary. The Rey's comments appear in italics, regular type just couldn't contain them. Be sure to click on the images for larger, even more awe-inspiring images. More! Y'know, 'Cause... They're bigger.

Click for larger Image"The cover to Sharknife volume 1. Since Sharknife spends almost ALL his time in the interiors of the book flipping out and rocking hard, I decided to let him chill and sit on the cover."

Click for larger Image"In this page excerpt, we see Sharknife posing in all his pop-ninja style splendor. The people surrounding him are patrons of the Guangdong Factory, the restaurant Sharknife defends on a regular basis. Most of them go to the restaurant simply to see Sharknife wail on unsuspecting monsters. The girl in the bottom panel is Sharknife's little helper, Chieko."

"Ombra Ravenga (right), the half Cuban / half Japanese yakuza ganglord & main villain of Sharknife enjoys a hookah session with his right hand man, Titty Garva (left)."

Click for larger Image

Click for larger Image"Sharknife can't even STAND without looking pretty sweet."

Click for larger Image"Defending a 5-story gigantic restaurant isn't easy for just one busboy/superhero. At one point in the book, Sharknife gets some help from a traveling super-cook troupe by the name of the Spice-Cadets. This is one of my more obvious throwbacks to a couple of my favorite childhood franchises, the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles."

Click for larger Image"A "cutie-ball" rendition of Ceasar Hallelujah, main character & Sharknife's "alter ego". He's a busboy at the Guangdong Factory restaurant which Sharknife protects."

"Chieko is interrupted while trying to take her table's order by a pack of very mean Alkiki Crabs, one of many monsters that regularly pops out of the Guangdong Walls. Don't worry, Sharknife MUST be close by...."

Click for larger Image

"Orva Mando, one of the many monsters seen in the Sharknife comic. This one is a jellyfish/octopus mix thing. One thing the Sharknife book tries to achieve is to have each of it's fights be different in a way. The fight featuring Orva, for example, is all about evasion and grappling, since his main weapons are GIANT TENTACLES!"

Click for larger Image

And if that's not enough for you, you ravenous bloody art dawgs, then be sure to check out more SHARKNIFE! At and more REY! at Ninja and more ONI! At Oni

Don't forget, it's ISBN 1-932664-17-3 and Diamond Distributors Order Code JAN05 2893 if you want to Pre-Order, which you should. Pre-Ordering... IT'S GREAT!


Corey Sutherland Lewis is the young and stylistic artist who you'll soon know as the Young and HOT Stylistic artist responsible for such creations as The Graphic Novel Sharknife.

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