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08/13/01:Hi fans! We just wanted to let you know that has been updated with a number of new features! Check out the Trina's New Books section for information on Nell Brinkley and the New Woman in the Early 20th Century and Eternally Bad. Check out the GoGirl! section for new information on GoGirl! issue four and issue five, including advance peaks at the covers! And look for GoGirl! issue number four in the next week or two from your local comic retailer.

07/27/01:GoGirl! flies off with Friends of Lulu Awards!

We tracked our favorite flying teen down at the beach, where she and her best friend Haseena, both clad in modest tankinis, lay on their blanket reading the latest Harry Potter adventure. Could this be true? we asked.

Had our trusted heroine, who fights for Truth, Justice, and the Girly Way, actually flown off with someone else's awards?

GoGirl! laughed. "They're MY awards, silly!" she said, "Or anyway, they were given to Anne Timmons and Trina Robbins by Friends of Lulu, that great organization that promotes women in comics, at their annual awards ceremony at the San Diego con this year."

Rubbing on more sunscreen, she continued, "Anne Timmons was given the Kim Yale Award For Best New Talent because of the way she draws me. And Trina and Anne both got Lulu of the Year awards because of the way they chronicle my adventures in their GoGirl! comic."

Just then Haseena informed her that two cute guys had just invited them to join in a game of volleyball, and she was up faster than the speed of light. "Wait!" we called, as she rose through the air, "Aren't you going to tell us something about issue #4, due out in August?"

GoGirl! hovered in the air just long enough to say, "You'll meet my mom's old crime-fighting partner, Right-On Sister. Only now she's running a dude ranch, and she invites us to visit. Of course, we didn't know the REAL reason she invited us!"

She added, "I can say no more." And then she flew off.

I guess we'll have to read GoGirl! #4 to find out the rest.

06/08/01: GoGirl artist Anne Timmons has a new website! Please visit it at!

05/30/01: Trina got back from her exhibit in Stuttgart, Germany, and though she was very jetlagged she managed to give us this great pic of the show! Trina had a wonderful time, and there was plenty of GoGirl artwork everywhere (as you can see, they even projected this page from issue one onto the wall, a hundred times larger than life!). For those of you reading from Germany, the show is still on until July 20th, the information for the museum is listed just below!

05/06/01: This spring, Trina is going to be co-curating the exhibit From Girls to Grrlz at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in Germany from May 18th through to July 20th. Visit the website for more information.

05/02/01: GoGirl! #3 is on stands today! In this issue, Lindsay has to deal with the pressures of life, school, and training to be a superhero. But it seems that a nasty teacher with a dark secret is determined to make these pressures even greater. GoGirl! #3 is a 32 page comic book with a full length tale, fan artwork, letters, and paper dolls! It retails for $3.50 US and is published by Image Comics. To order from your local comics retailer, use item code FEB011270D.

04/22/01: Wondercon was wonderful! Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons both attended Wondercon in Oakland, CA on April 20th through the 22nd, and had a lot of fun meeting all of the wonderful GoGirl! fans. They were on hand with advance copies of GoGirl! #3, and as you can see from the picture, everyone was in high spirits!
Photo: Trina Robbins (left) and Anne Timmons (right) pose with a copy of GoGirl #1 at Wondercon.

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