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Joe Quesada Interview - Part 0
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 1
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 2
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 3

So what can be said about Joe Quesada? Well, what hasn't been said? Since his appointment to Editor In Chief of Marvel the opinions have been pouring in from all over, so I'll just have to stick to what I know.

When I first joined the great people here at PopImage I knew that one day I'd be interviewing Joe. Online, Joe has a certain presence he keeps with the internet community, he's never shied away from his fans. He's never shied away from those who choose to hurl less then admirable comments. He's always been available whenever you need him. In person Joe, along with his wife Nanci have been some of the nicest people in the comic industry I have ever met. And that's rare. Their gratitude has been so great I owe them both a debt of thanks.


Now Joe is about as big as they get. This ole New York boy penciled his way up to the big name companies leading to the start up of his own imprint with good friend Jimmy Palmiotti. Leading to the duo headlining Marvel Knights and bringing a revival to the hallowed halls it hadn't seen in years, and now, as Editor In Chief of Marvel...

The company is reborn. Marvel looks different, feels different, hell it smells different. Joe has brought a resurrection to a company that was near dead, a company that everyone thought would be broke and buried by now. Joe helped bring new life to Marvel. He's doing things at Marvel that everyone thought would never happen, and he's doing it well.

Not everyone may like what he's doing but not everyone is supposed to do. Joe is changing Marvel to live up to the changing market, to the changing fans and he's bringing them to new readers.

The readers are excited, the creators are excited. Things have CHANGED.

Joe’s not just trying to make things better… he’s trying to make things better for US.

Joe's doing alright by me and I have nothing but best wishes to him and his family.

Thanks Joe.

- Jonathan Ellis, Interviews Editor

Joe Quesada Interview - Part 0
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 1
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 2
Joe Quesada Interview - Part 3

Jonathan Ellis is Interviews Editor for PopImage.

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