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There are a lot of comic books available in the market and as a reader sometimes you become confused with so many choices available. Even if you have never read a comic book before, you may have watched some movies made on some of the super hit comic characters like Batman and Iron Man etc. watching these movies may have given you a fair idea about these characters. Hence in this article we will not discuss with you the traditional comic books rather we will discuss something different with you. Comic books are certainly very fun to read and the collection in very fast, therefore here you will only find the best comic books that you should read.

Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man is a comic book by DC that was launched back in 2002, but this does not mean that the comic has lost its charm. The comic book is about a many by the named Yorick Brown who is the last surviving man on the planet after a plague wipes out the entire fotor0927194148male population of the world. Yorick then set off to a long journey to learn the origin of the plague and why he is alive.


Thor is one of the most popular characters of the Marvel Universe, he is a Greek God who has to come to the planet Earth due to some circumstances. The main power of Thor lies in his Hammer. However in the new Thor series, the basic innovation is the introduction of a lead character which is female.

The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is by far one of the best comic books that you can find. The story of this comic revolves around Batman and the Joker, the plot of the comic is very simple which is that Joker escapes from prison and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. The Joker also shoots Batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon, it is upto Batman to save the day.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

The comic is worth reading and revolves around the story of Doreen Green who is a student in college. She has the strange power to talk with squirrels. Previously she has been depicted as part of avengers as well. However this series revolves only around her.

scan0268All-Star Superman

When you talk about the most famous and best comic books of all time then you cannot miss out the most popular comic character that is Superman. Here we are specifically talking about All-Star Superman, the plot of the comic book is that Superman is trying to get the most out of the final days of Earth and is also dying.

These were a few popular comic books that you must read if you haven’t done so already. There are many more such comic books that you might want to read but here we could mention only this much. Comic books might be old fashioned but it’s lovers and fans still exist and that is why newer additions keep on being released.



Hi, either you have a fun loving nature or you lack that, but you definitely love reading comics, watching comics or any other means of enjoying comics. Comic book however, is generally a sequence of juxtaposted panels that contain a single scene in them and these are present in specific panels. As of now, the comics are more enjoyed in their specific series format for example it might be the series by Marvel or even DC; they produce images ad poster that have comics in them.

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