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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

Ill Will Press

PI COMICS: Original Online Comics.
Changes of Pace

Welcome to PI Comics, where PopImage is proud to present original and rare comics features to our readers. Covering a variety of genres, from professional, amateur, and unpublished creators, we'll endeavour to bring you some of the best online comics on the net.

If you have any questions or comments about PI Comics, e-mail Co-Editor in Chief Ed Mathews or Co-Editor in Chief Jonathan Ellis.

Young Bottoms in Love   The Trilobite Epic
Blank Haven
Godlings   Ramblers
Prom on Mars

02/09/05: FEATURE: PICOMICS: ONCE UPON A TIME IN NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT: Cartoonist Michael G. Sivak returns to PopImage with an eight page story that was co-written with James Retarides entitled "Once Upon a Time in New Haven Connecticut" and tackles the subject of drug laws in the US. The whole story is up today.

03/12/03: PI COMICS : Chip Zdarsky's Prison Funnies:
Chip Zdarsky brings us a very special double entendre episode of PRISON FUNNIES.
If this doesn't help you break the habit, nothing will. This is the comic strip that you don't want to expose any children to. I'm not kidding. It's OZ meets Foxtrot, but without the kids, parents, lizard, or syndication rights. MATURE CONTENT (contains cartoon sexuality and smoking.)

12/04/02: PI COMICS : Chip Zdarsky's Prison Funnies: Chip Zdarsky is a riddle wrapped in an enigma rolled around in filo dough and turned into a pumpkin. Wait. That's not how it's supposed to go, is it? Think of it as the comic strip that you don't want to expose any children to. THIS MEANS YOU! Seriously. It's OZ meets Garfield, but without the cat and set in a prison. MATURE CONTENT (contains cartoon nudity and no cats.)

11/07/01: PI COMICS: BOONDOGGLE - New this week, Steve Stegelin's Boondoggle! Never one to step away from the issues, read on as we see just how patriotic

03/08/01: BOONDOGGLE - This time around in Boondoggle, the ex-popular members of Wookie Chesthair are still trying to regain the fame and fortune of their past glories. Unfortunately this means sleezing and ranting on the nature of celebrity. Sleeping your way to the top has never gotten so low...

10/31/00: POPPY - PopImage Exclusive! Warren Ellis and Lea Hernandez present an original web-comic, a sneak-preview of their upcoming collaboration POPPY, to be serialized in RUMBLE GIRLS from Image Comics.

Artwork By Mike Oeming and Christopher Butcher June 2000: Originally presented in the Comic Shop News, PopImage is proud to bring you this original POWERS strip by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Based on the hit series from Image Comics, follow Detectives Christian and Walker in this stroy starring Cheshire, the Cablecar Vigilante.

POWERS Episode 1
POWERS Episode 2
POWERS Episode 3
POWERS Episode 4
POWERS Episode 5
POWERS Episode 6
POWERS Episode 7
POWERS Episode 8

01/11/01: GOODFELLOW 1838 - This month presents a special one-off chapter of A. Pulling and B. Musson's GOODFELLOW, taking place in London, 1838. A mysterious figure stalks Limehouse, the citizenry is terrified! Who is this figure with seemingly magical powers? Why does he do these things? How does this tie into the regular story? All will be revealed...

08/08/00: GOODFELLOW - PopImage is proud to present the debut of our newest regular comic feature, GOODFELLOW. Featuring the talents of Alastair Pulling, Bevis Musson, and Hassan Contessa.

07/11/00: PUPPYDOG TALES weeks One through Four - The return of Mike White's PUPPYDOG TALES! In a perfect world, this strip would be in your local newspaper every day. Until we have that perfect world though, make sure to check out Mike's fantastically cute daily strip. Just scroll down for the newest installments.

06/06/00: RUST - The award-nominated story from creators Alasdair Watson, Daniel Goodbrey, and Ben Peek.