Pop Hollinger: The First Comic Book Dealer

The Comic books have been a great source of entertainment throughout the years and long before the advent of VCRs and other such devices, the only source of media entertainment for the kids were comics. The comics industry itself is huge and today there are many publishing houses publishing it. Similarly well-known comic brands such as Marvel and DC are nowadays involved in many movies and cartoon series as well.  We seldom think how did the comic books made entry into the market? Well in this article we are going to tell you just that.

Pop Hollinger: October 13, 1886 – March 6, 19771209773001f

It is very sad to know that most of the people do not know anything about Pop Hollinger. Forget about the ordinary public, people who are involved in comic dealing and collections also do not know anything about him. Pop Hollinger was the first comic book collector and dealer. He retired from his teaching profession when he was 47 years old and started his new career in comic book dealing. Apart from comic books he was also involved in Novels, magazines and pulp magazines as well. He started his shop back in the year 1939 and continued his business till 1971.

Business Dynamics:

Hollinger went through great struggles in the beginning; he initially began as a periodic seller and that too in the basement of his grocery store. His initial sales were paperback novels, he use to sell each novel at a rate of 25 cents. However he later expanded his business and got involved in the sales of Magazines and comic books as well.

Comic was his USP:

At that time comics got a lot of fame in the market particularly among kids, hence Hollinger thought that his best business opportunities lied in the sales of comic books. He immediately put his plan into action and within a few years his business reached its absolute zenith. He started from the basement but his business expanded so fast that he became the owner of 20 outlets in Concordia.

Innovation of the time:

img6Hollinger was a smart business man and he always tried to provide the best services to his customers. For this he introduced the mail order service back then. The mail order service gave an important insight to Hollinger, he quickly realized that issues had a great demand in the market; hence he started to store the issues. In just 20-30 cents a customer could enjoy at least 10 comics a week. This strategy was successful at that point of time.

The ERA:

There were many reasons behind his comic book business expansion. The Popular super heroes who we know today and of whom many movies have also been released made their entry into the comic world at the time of Hollinger. The names of these heroes are superman, batman, Spiderman and fantastic four etc.

Today there are many dealers involved in Comic Books trade; however the person who actually created this business is Pop Hollinger.



Hi, either you have a fun loving nature or you lack that, but you definitely love reading comics, watching comics or any other means of enjoying comics. Comic book however, is generally a sequence of juxtaposted panels that contain a single scene in them and these are present in specific panels. As of now, the comics are more enjoyed in their specific series format for example it might be the series by Marvel or even DC; they produce images ad poster that have comics in them.

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