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Art by Chip Zdarsky. Copyright 2002.

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PopImage Exclusive! Warren Ellis and Lea Hernandez present an original web-comic, a sneak-preview of their upcoming collaboration POPPY, to be serialized in RUMBLE GIRLS #5-7 from Image Comics.

Click Here To Read Poppy.

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"So my parents decided that pregnancy and the basic engineering involved was just generally fairly disgusting...."

Poppy was grown by her parents. At the local Nativity Garden. Mr and Mrs Fields. Check out Mr Fields. He's wearing that wrestling mask again. In the front yard. They thought calling a grown child Poppy was funny. Poppy Fields. Ha ha. Heard that all she needed to by age six. Which is when she did something terrible to little Timmy.

Poppy. Living in the future, attempting to grow up in a world that didn't bother doing the same.

When Warren Ellis and Lea Hernandez set out to make a story to sell for kid's animation, POPPY is what happens instead.

POPPY will be three self-contained vignettes running in Rumble Girls 5-7, written by Warren Ellis, art by Lea Hernandez, and only from Image Comics.

WARREN ELLIS is the multiple award-winning creator of TRANSMETROPOLITAN and PLANETARY.

LEA HERNANDEZ is the creator of RUMBLE GIRLS, CLOCKWORK ANGELS and the Eisner Award-nominated CATHEDRAL CHILD. - Warren Ellis' site. - The Warren Ellis Forum, a place for fans, readers, and critics of Warren's work to discuss current events. - Lea Hernandez' site.

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