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02/15/01: INTERVIEW: GRANT MORRISON - Grant Morrison is a creator of grand stories. From his early work on ZENITH and ANIMAL MAN, to recent projects like JLA and THE INVISIBLES, to the upcoming (and hotly-discussed) FANTASTIC FOUR and ALL NEW X-MEN, Grant's long and varied career is explored in this exhaustive interview. Conducted by Jon Ellis.

02/15/01: A SHORT GUIDE TO GRANT MORRISON - Adam Ford presents a short guide to the work of Grant Morrison. From recurring themes to the larger concepts inherant in his work, Adam presents a guide for the uninitiated.

02/15/01: LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WORKING - Magic pops up a lot in discussion of Grant's work. Adrian Reynolds explains a little bit about what magic means to everyday lives, and sets you on the path to discovering this grand art.

02/15/01: THE GOOD DOCTOR - Did you know that Grant Morrison wrote Dr. Who comics? Find out more about Grant's early beginnings as Iain Hepburn, SFX's Online Editor, digs into some of Comics' strangest and most unique Dr. Who stories.

02/15/01: JUSTICE, BE DONE - Grant Morrison's JLA reinvigerated the superheroic ideal, and brought big ideas back to comics. Brent A. Keane looks at Morrison's JLA, and what it meant to comics.

02/15/01: INVISIBLES OVERVIEW - Gregory Dickens goes in depth on the first voume of Grant Morisson's epic THE INVISIBLES. Grant Morrison described this article as a "Brilliant review of The Invisibles from the standpoint of 'Say You Want a Revolution'. Article in two parts gives an insightful overview of the entire series."

02/15/01: Grant Morrison Bibliography - Ever wanted to know every single comic Grant Morrison has written? Well, Darren Shrubsole did. At, he assembled possibly the most thorough Bibliography for Morrison's work ever. Thanks to Darren for allowing us to reprint it here.

02/15/01: Grant Morrison Resources - If you're interested in finding out about Morrison and his work, then make sure to check out this list of links to Grant Morrison resources.


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